In a bizarre sighting, T.J. Miller, the comedian and actor starring in HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” was spotted at a dramatic crime scene in Washington on Tuesday. Images began circulating on social media of the shaggy-haired Miller near where two people were shot, including a six year-old girl, on a playground near public housing in the gritty Park View neighborhood.

Turns out, Miller was there for work. The actor was on a ride-along with the Metropolitan Police Department, doing research for an upcoming project, when police were called to the scene, a source close to Miller says. Sounds like he got more than he might have expected by way of material.

According to Miller’s social media feeds, he had been in Washington this week, visiting the monuments (where he posed with a McDonald’s wrapper at the Lincoln Memorial), and co-hosting the podcast “Cashing in with T.J. Miller.”

An MPD spokeswoman said she was not able to confirm the identity of anyone on the scene of the shooting, “as they may be potential witnesses.”

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