White House press secretary Jay Carney moonlights as an indie-rock band superfan. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

White House spokesman Jay Carney spends his days carefully conveying his boss’s positions on topics from the unemployment rate to the Ukrainian crisis.  But on Saturday night, he took a mike to express a sentiment that is all his own: Guided By Voices rocks.

Carney introduced the indie rock band at their show at the Black Cat, pumping the crowd up by welcoming them to the stage like the practiced hype man that he is.  “The greatest rock band in the world, Guided By Voices!” Carney enthused.

The superfan (really, he is — a GBV album features prominently in Carney’s West Wing office decor) was rewarded with a hug from singer Robert Pollard, and about a half-hour into the set, a birthday greeting from the stage.  “The cat who introduced us tonight —  It’s his birthday today lets wish him a happy birthday!”  Pollard said.

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