Psychologist and television host Phil McGraw weighs in on Congress's problems and offers his suggestions on how politicians can do things better in the District. (Jonathan Elker/The Washington Post)

Celeb: Dr. Phil McGraw, the shiny-domed clinical psychologist who dispenses advice and folksy wisdom on the show “Dr. Phil.”

Cause: Over-medication of foster children. McGraw says too many kids in foster care are being prescribed psychotropic drugs rather than being treated in more traditional (and time-consuming) ways.

Scene: The good doc (displaying the same persona he’s known for on-air: genial, suit-clad, cracking self-deprecating jokes) made the rounds on Capitol Hill. First, he keynoted a lunch, then testified for a House subcommittee.

Soundbites: “Drugs are…too often misused as chemical straitjacket to control and suppress undesirable behavior,” he said. “It makes [foster kids] less inconvenient.”

“These kids need somebody to put an arm around their shoulder… rather than throw drugs at them.”

We also asked Dr. Phil for his help in shaping up some of the dysfunction here in Washington. Here’s his prescription for what ails us:

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