When it comes to working out, President Obama just ruined everyone’s favorite excuse to hit the snooze button instead of the gym: no time. On Tuesday one intrepid iron pumper captured cellphone images and video footage of Obama going through the motions at a luxury hotel gym in Poland, a stop on the president’s European tour, according to the New York Post.

Gif: New York Post

In the video, Obama (navy track suit, headphones, determined grimace) can be seen deliberating over dumbbells, executing several different sweet moves and then hitting the elliptical. The 30-minute workout looked pretty legit to us, but we decided to ask an expert to critique the commander-in-chief’s routine. 

“It looks to me like he’s doing some shoulders, a little bit of arms, and he’s got pretty decent form,” said Kevin Mullins, a strength coach at the Sports Club/LA of Washington.

Wait, just “pretty decent”?

“He could lock out his elbows a little bit more on the dumbbell raises for his shoulders,” explained Mullins, “and he could go a little bit lower with his dumbbell presses, but otherwise I’m very impressed with the versatility of his program.”

If Mullins was in charge of the president’s fitness, he’d work on making sure Obama’s “spin was in the best shape possible” with a few reps of dumbbell rows, a move Mullins described as similar to starting lawn mower. “Rows are very good at helping reverse the desk and travel lifestyle,” Mullins said.

So how does the president stack up against the rest of the worlds’ leaders?

“He’s certainly not hauling around lumber like Putin, but he looks strong. He can hold his own.”

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