Looks like a happier ending for what was shaping up to be a  messy divorce between super-lobbyists Heather and Tony Podesta.

The colorful former power couple reached a settlement, they announced on Monday, ending the fight that had erupted over their multiple homes and vast, museum-quality art collection.

They did not elaborate on the details of the agreement, but in separate statements both Podestas were gracious, indicating they would remain friends even as their marriage ends.

“In politics, the art world and in life, there is only one Tony Podesta,” read Heather’s statement. “I have seen him solve problems that other people thought were unsolvable, fight tirelessly for causes he cares about and drop everything to help a friend in need.  Tony is, and always will be, someone I respect and hold dear.”

His was equally effusive: “It was a great joy to share my life with Heather Podesta, grow our businesses and support the candidates and issues we care so deeply about. I am proud to have watched her become one of our city’s most important lobbyists. She has built a thriving business and is a respected thought leader in Washington.  More importantly, she will always be my sounding board and close friend.”

Those sentiments are a far cry from those revealed in dueling court filings that began in April. Tony, who initiated the proceedings, had accused Heather of misleading him about a possible reconciliation and had insisted that he was responsible for his wife’s professional success. Meanwhile, Heather had demanded the couple’s Kalorama home.

The pair owned homes in Washington, Virginia, Italy, and Australia.

The two also bickered over their art collection, though it seems they’ve now buried the hatchet on that front, too. Their representatives said the couple would continue to make donations from the collection, which is known as the  “Heather and Tony Podesta Collection.”

The pair married in 2003, and became a prominent fixture on the social and art-world scene, throwing parties in their Kalorama house and appearing at fundraisers and galas in designer duds, quippy quotes at the ready.

It was her third marriage and his second; the couple has no children.