New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie shows off his dancing moves on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" Thursday. Christie grooved with Fallon in a segment called the "Evolution of Dad Dancing," a Father's Day tribute. (NowThis News)


Move over, Michelle Obama — there’s a new dancing pol on late-night TV.

New Jersey Chris Christie on Thursday night shimmied and shook alongside “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon in a segment dubbed “Evolution of Dad Dancing,” in which the two men — wearing the suburban-male uniform of khakis and polo shirts — showed off the kind of dance-floor moves that might be deployed by a haplessly uncool father.

The First Lady last year appeared in a similar skit, dubbed “Evolution of Mom Dancing.”

Christie’s high-energy appearance was a bold bit of physical comedy, perhaps designed to address upfront criticism of his weight, an issue that is certain to arise if Christie does launch a presidential bid in 2016, as many observers expect he might.

“You look great,” Fallon reassured him several times later in the show, during a more traditional sit-down interview.

Fallon asked Christie if — you know, just supposing — he was to run against presumed Democratic front-runner, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, if he would win.

“Hypothetically? You bet,” Christie responded.

“…In a dance contest?” Fallon parried.

“That’s what I was talking about,” Christie responded. “What were you talking about?”