In lieu of a sad slice of stale goodbye cake, the celebrities who actually know who White House press secretary Jay Carney is decided to tweet the outgoing official spokesman on his last day on the job. The list is a whopping three names long and there aren’t that many surprises. We’ll give you one guess at who’s on the top of the list. That’s right, the rock band, Guided By Voices, who wished Carney a “salty salute.”

Guys, we get it already. Carney’s life is dope and he does dope things. Next up was a backstage humblebrag from Obama supporter, who was at the White House for its first Maker Faire

Last and definitely the most cautiously unenthusiastic was an early tweet from actress Mindy Kaling, who attended the state dinner in honor of French President Francois Hollande and the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner recently.

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