Hey isn’t that… Rock and Roll Hall of Famer John Oates posing for a picture outside of Capitol Hill’s newest non-reservation-taking restaurant Rose’s Luxury?

So just how does one half of a famous blue-eyed soul duo score one of the hottest tables in town? Well it doesn’t hurt that Aaron Silverman, the chef behind Rose’s Luxury, is a huge Hall and Oates head.

“I think pretty much everyone in the restaurant is a fan,” said Silverman while waiting for a party bus to whisk his staff off to a pre-game BBQ in Virginia before heading to the Hall and Oates concert at Wolf Trap on Thursday night.

For months Silverman said he’d been planning to close down shop for the restaurant’s ditch day and it just so happened that one of his bartenders knew a guy who knew guy who knew Hall and Oates’s manager (doesn’t everyone?). So the restaurant invited the band over for a meal and everyone but Daryl Hall actually showed up.

Unfortunately, the chef and his team were too busy in the kitchen to participate in some spontaneously choreographed karaoke. “We were just running around like crazy,”  Silverman said. But they did find the time to get the thumbs up from the band.

“They asked if we came up with the stuff in our dreams or if we just smoked a lot of pot,” Silverman said. So will there be a “Maneater” inspired dish on tomorrow’s menu?

“Probably not,” said Silverman, “but that would be cool.”

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