Hey isn’t that… Actor Chris Colfer, who plays Broadway fanatic Kurt Hummel on Fox’s “Glee,” at the Los Angeles stop on former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book tour on Thursday? Colfer waited in line to have his copy of “Hard Choices” signed with the rest of the Clinton groupies — the crowd was in the hundreds — at the Barnes & Noble at the Grove, a hot house of who’s who sightings.

E! Online reports that the seasoned politician was totally caught off guard when Colfer stepped up to the plate.  There’s a picture floating around of Clinton making the classic “OMG!” face. So it looks like this wasn’t a pre-scheduled “stars, they’re just like us” photo opp. Colfer also tweeted that he couldn’t remember what he said to the former first lady. 

Is anyone else bummed that Clinton didn’t sign the book, “Kurty, don’t stop believing. xx Hillary ’16”?

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