Actor Kevin Bacon at the Tony Awards (REUTERS/Andrew Kelly) Actor Kevin Bacon at the Tony Awards (Andrew Kelly/Reuters)

Hey isn’t that… actor Kevin Bacon dropping by Nickell’s & Scheffler in Old Town for lunch before the kick-off of his three-night gig at the Birchmere on Saturday? Bacon, whose Monday night “Bacon Brothers” performance is sold out, showed up in a ball cap and shades. Very incognito.

But owner Lou Nickell said he “made” Bacon “the minute he walked in the door.” Still, everyone in the small dine-in/takeout joint pretty much played it cool.

“I asked him, ‘Are you Kevin Bacon,'” Nickell said, “and he just nodded his head.”

Bacon, who’s also currently filming a movie in Colorado, then paid for his chicken salad, ate in peace at a table near the window and later returned his tray to the counter.

“He was cool,” said Nickell, before adding that his wife, co-owner Susan Scheffler, “went hysterical.”

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