Louis "Bronx Obama" Ortiz at the executive office building on Friday. (Photographer Scott Selman)
Louis “Bronx Obama” Ortiz at the executive office building on Friday. (Scott Selman/Courtesy AFI)

Hey isn’t that… wait no, it isn’t. On Friday the Secret Service had to do a double take when Louis Ortiz, a New Yorker who makes his living impersonating the 44th president of the United States, showed up at 1600 Penn.

Ortiz, the star of the documentary “Bronx Obama,” was in town along with the film’s director, Ryan Murdock, for the annual AFI Docs festival. Forty filmmakers took a trip to the White House just before the festival wrapped, and because of a snafu with Ortiz’s security clearance (his birth date was written incorrectly) “Bronx Obama” had to wait outside the 17th Street entrance of the executive office building before being let in.

In the meantime Murdock decided to have a little fun and “parade” Ortiz around.

“They were all just completely shocked,” said our source who was with the group from AFI. “The word on the street was that [the Secret Service] thought they had missed some information.” The special agents caught on pretty quickly, but once Ortiz was inside the “Parent Trap” plot continued.

Ortiz roamed around the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (people can do that?) and popped his head in to a few staffer meetings just to mess with people.

“He would pop his head in, and everyone stands up immediately,” said our tipster, “and then laughed a minute later when they realized what was going on.”

Unfortunately Ortiz and his moderately more famous doppelganger never got a chance to say, “Hey, you know who you look like?” (Obama was holding a bilateral meeting with New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key).

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