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Team Breezy, the name adopted by a particularly enthusiastic group of Chris Brown fans, proved its mettle on Wednesday, braving the crushing heat outside D.C. Superior Court, where the object of their affection was fighting a misdemeanor assault charge.

“Chriiiiis!” they shrieked as the R&B singer made a hasty exit from the courthouse and into a waiting SUV. They grabbed at his leather jacket (did we mention the steamy temps?) and tried to touch his face. The day’s news — that Brown rejected prosecutors’ plea deal for the charge stemming from a fight last year in which a young fan said Brown and his bodyguard punched him after he asked for a photo — was both good news and bad for his local army of boosters. His legal woes might have been ongoing, but the upside for them is that a trial, slated to begin Sept. 8, might mean another chance to come to the court to show their support.

Though is “support” really a strong enough word for what some of these women were offering? “Marry me!” Nonah Grant, a D.C. high schooler, replied when asked what she’d say to Brown if she had the chance. “I love you!” another young woman screamed as she watched his departing truck. Tears were shed. Selfies were snapped with the courthouse as the backdrop.

Joy Crymes stood in the shade outside after the hearing had ended, waiting for one last glimpse, wearing a T-shirt bearing an image of the star’s face. She and her friend Chris Beniam had been to all of Brown’s previous local court appearances. Crymes, like many of the women there, seemed willing to believe that Brown was just misunderstood — by everyone but them.

“Troubled? Yeah, who’s not?” she asked. “But I don’t see him as a bad boy.”



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