It seems we’re all a bit obsessed with Kyle Beckerman, the midfield powerhouse for Team USA in the World Cup, as much for his on-field prowess as for his incredible head of dreadlocks.

Need proof? Check out this slow-motion toss:

Kyle Beckerman, midfielder for Team USA and Crofton, MD native.


But we knew him long before those lustrous locks had locked — Beckerman hailed from Crofton, Md., where his soccer skills (if not his ‘do) had landed him on our radar. Check out the Washington Post’s 1999 image of a 17-year-old Beckerman, who then wore his curly hair in the de rigeur late-’90s mop.



File: A member of the U.S. under-17 men’s soccer team controls the ball around KyleBeckerman, 17, of Crofton, MD. during practice at the Bolletieri Sports Academy. (Photo by Jonathan Newton.)