Hey, isn’t that… Superchef Emeril Lagasse , dining out at Brabo Tasting Room in Old Town Thursday night? Lagasse (though he’s one of those first-name-only guys, so let’s just drop the formalities and go with Emeril) visited the Marine Corps Exchange in Quantico Thursday and is visiting Fort Belvoir on Friday, his rep said, as part of the New Orleans restaurateur’s longstanding work with troops.

And Mr. Bam! wasn’t the only foodie star sampling our area’s fine establishments that evening: a tipster tells us Food Network’s “Restaurant Impossible” host Robert Irvine and “Rewrapped” head judge Marc Summers chowed down on the steak frites (what else?), along with some members of the Food Network crew, at the Medium Rare outpost on Barracks Row. We’re told that Restaurant Impossible, which features Irvine helping to save eateries that are in dire need of a helping hand, is filming at a Falls Church establishment.

Though we can imagine it might be a little nerve-wracking to serve patrons who critique restaurants for a living (sometimes savagely!), Summers and Irvine put the Medium Rare staff at ease, gabbing and posing for pics.