The White House always marks the Fourth of July with fireworks and festivities, but it's also Malia Obama's sixteenth birthday. And that milestone birthday means the oldest Obama daughter will soon be behind the wheel. (Pamela Kirkland/The Washington Post)

It’s Malia Obama’s super sweet 16 on July 4, and if she’s anywhere as (un)lucky as Chelsea Clinton, she’ll be offered three cars. Then, her parents will respectfully decline the gift of every teen’s dreams.

Chelsea is the only other first daughter in recent history to turn 16 in the White House. On that special day in 1996, Cincinnati’s WOFX sent one of its DJs to 1600 Penn in an old fixer-upper that read “Happy Sweet 16, Chelsea” on the hood, the Associated Press reported. Two other radio stations also called, wanting to gift the eager new driver some wheels.

Chelsea Clinton watches the beach volleyball game between the USA and France at the 1996 Olympics. (Reuters) Chelsea Clinton watches the beach volleyball game between the United States and France at the 1996 Olympics. (Reuters)

As for Malia, no cars that we know of, yet. The first daughter will be eligible for her learner’s permit on Friday.

As for her parents, they’re reacting like pretty much every other parent of a 16-year-old. FLOTUS has called the idea of Malia driving “kinda frightening” and says neither she nor the president will give her lessons. We’ll see about that. Apparently being commander in chief doesn’t get you out of that experience. President Bill Clinton is said to have taught Chelsea how to drive at Camp David, Md.

Pretty sure Malia will find someone to teach her. Grandma Robinson, perhaps?

While you’re working that out, Malia, enjoy the Pitbull concert and fireworks on your front lawn. Happy 16th birthday!

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