Tupac Shakur (1993 AP file photo)
Tupac Shakur (1993 AP file photo)

Remember all the way back to last week when the first lady felt the need to verify that the pies at the White House do not, in fact, contain crack? Well the Central Intelligence Agency, otherwise known as the CIA, recently hopped on the “Did you really have to say that?” bandwagon with a tweet on Monday outlining the whereabouts of slain West Coast rapper Tupac Shakur.

The tweet, among others, was sent out to celebrate of the agency’s first month on Twitter and Facebook  (it joined Twitter on June 6 and Facebook on June 1). The Tweet has already received 120,000 retweets, 64,000 favorites and a few follow-up questions about Elvis. The CIA has remained mum on The King’s whereabouts thus far.

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