Dylan Thomas Brosnan, the 17-year-old son of actor Pierce Brosnan, is spending the summer as an intern in the office of Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.). So while the rest of Brosnan clan — dad, mom (former TV journalist Keely Shaye Smith) and 13-year-old brother Paris — hops back and forth from their Malibu home to their vacation hideaway in Hawaii, young Dylan will be zipping from the phones to the fax machine.

“He’s an intern like all of our other interns,” said Markey spokeswoman Giselle Barry, “and we hope he is learning as much about the legislative process as all our other interns.”

Got it. The younger Brosnan won’t be getting any special treatment just because of he’s the son of Bond, James Bond. For the next two months Brosnan’s days will be spent doing “everything interns do,” said Barry, which is code for sorting mail, filing papers and grabbing coffee.

Before he settled into the decidedly less-glamorous life of Capitol Hill grunt work, Brosnan and Dylan enjoyed a little “dad and me” time in D.C.

On June 28, the Brosnan men snapped a photo together in front of the Supreme Court building, both looking dapper in perfectly tailored dark suits and crisp white button downs. Two days later, the pair visited the World War II Memorial, with Dylan’s soon-to-be boss, Markey. The elder Brosnan also spent the Fourth of July weekend in Washington, just before his son’s internship began last Monday.

But Barry said “Thomas Crown” hasn’t been spotted lurking around the Russell building — yet.

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