If you tweet it, they will come.

Earlier today James Ford, a broadcast reporter for PIX 11 News in New York, tweeted that Chelsea Clinton was among the civic-minded folks in his jury pool.

Ford informed his 2,700-plus followers that Clinton seemed “nice” and also “really pregnant.” (We’re sure she loved that line. Clinton’s due to have her first child this fall with husband Marc Mezvinsky.)

Ford told the Reliable Source that he and Clinton were part of a jury pool of about 90. The group arrived at the Manhattan Supreme Court bright and early at 9 a.m. and were dismissed nearly seven hours later. Luckily for the “really pregnant” Clinton there was a 2-hour lunch break.

Despite her baby bump and recognizable blond locks, most of the common folk had no clue the Clinton scion was among them, said Ford — until a judge ordered a roll call to be taken later in the afternoon. When the famous name was called people perked up a bit, but the crowd didn’t have much time to discretely snap more evidence for social media. The entire group was dismissed soon after.

“We were all excused for the next six years, which is probably why Chelsea Clinton is smiling in the photos,” said Ford, whose tweet alerted court reporters already in the building to Clinton’s presence (slightly to his chagrin). A few waited to interview Clinton in the hallway outside the jury room and even more were on hand with pens at the ready on the courthouse steps.

Despite blowing her regular gal cover, Chelsea posed for pictures with Ford and chatted with about a dozen of her fellow potential jurors.

“She did speak freely and for free with anyone who said anything to her,” said Ford, referring to the recent news that Clinton receives up to $75,000 per speech, less than a third of what her mother, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton commands.

Dressed comfortably in a T-shirt, what looked like black “jeggings”, and black ballet flats, Clinton played the dutiful former first daughter. She told reporters waiting outside the court, “I think it’s important that everyone participate in jury duty, just as it’s important that people vote and pay their taxes.”

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