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Caroline Kennedy’s daughter is interning at the New York Times

Tatiana Schlossberg, second from right, attends the Senate committee hearing on the nomination of her mother, Caroline Kennedy, as the U.S. ambassador to Japan. (Jason Reed/Reuters)

Usually, it takes an illustrious career — or at least a few buzzy scoops —  for a reporter to have a recognizable byline.

But one intern on the New York Times’ metro desk is starting out with a boldface name. Tatiana Schlossberg might have been familiar to Grey Lady readers before her first byline. That’s because Schlossberg, who has penned a few stories for the paper is the daughter of U.S. ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy and designer/artist Ed Schlossberg (which makes her JFK’s granddaughter).

We should note that the young Schlossberg has media chops: She was an editor of the Yale Herald,  and the 2012 grad also put in some time as a staff writer for the Bergen Record in New Jersey. There, she covered the kind of decidedly non-glamorous stories your average cub reporter cuts her teeth on (a guy killed by lightning, transportation funding, a store clerk robbed at gunpoint).

She is part of the 2014 summer crop of Times interns, a 10-week stint usually given to recent college graduates and a few undergrads, NYT spokeswoman Eileen Murphy tells us.

And she insists Schlossberg’s lineage had nothing to do with the hire. “She was hired like any other intern,” Murphy says.

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