Alexander Ovechkin and Maria Kirilenko in happier times. (AP Photo/Ivan Sekretarev)

On its face, the statement by Russian tennis pro Maria Kirilenko announcing that she had broken off her engagement to Caps star Alex Ovechkin appeared magnanimous. But do we detect a note of vitriol-by-omission in the quote she gave to the press service of the Russian Tennis Federation, as reported by our colleagues on the Sports Bog?

“I respect Sasha as a person and athlete and I sincerely wish him continued athletic success,” the quote reads in part.

Hmm… So she wishes him well on the ice, but not anywhere else?

Sounds like a dis — in disguise, which makes sense, given that Sports Illustrated is reporting that Kirilenko broke up with Ovi over a picture of him with Russian gymnast Karolina Sevastianova.

Ovechkin and Kirilenko met in 2011 and got engaged in December 2012.

Ovechkin seems to be coping with the rejection pretty well. He was spotted over the weekend frolicking in the St. Tropez surf with Brooklyn Nets small forward Andrei Kirilenko, and former KHL player Ruben Begunts.

CORRECTION: Earlier versions of this story stated that Maria and Andrei Kirilenko are cousins. They are not related.

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