Actor Kevin Spacey at the 2014 Oscars (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File)

Hey isn’t that … actor Kevin Spacey attempting not to channel his “House of Cards” alter ego, Frank Underwood, at the W Hotel’s rooftop Wednesday evening?

Despite the dark sunglasses, Spacey was spotted by two big fans who already had something to celebrate that night. After getting engaged at the P.O.V. roof terrace (a popular pop-the-question spot) the giddy couple noticed Spacey and immediately asked him to snap a photo to commemorate the moment. Spacey didn’t just oblige them, he slipped into character while doing so.

“He was talking like his character, Frank Underwood, in a Southern accent,” said our source.

Spacey is currently filming the third season of “House of Cards” in Baltimore. No word on why he made the trip down to D.C.; there’s certainly one happy couple who’s glad that he did. We wonder if Spacey will star in their save-the-dates too?

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