Actor Kevin Spacey, Brianna Getrost and Drew Holbrook at the W Hotel in Washington on Wednesday night. (Photo courtesy of Drew Holbrook)

Their one-year anniversary was little more than a week away, but Drew Holbrook couldn’t wait those eight extra days to propose to Brianna Getrost. So, much like his favorite TV character, the cool and calculating former congressman Frank Underwood, Holbrook set a plan into motion.

“We both love ‘House of Cards,’ so we figured let’s go sightseeing and check out D.C.,” said Holbrook, 29, in a phone interview from his home in Simi Valley, Calif.

Holbrook and Getrost, 27 and also from Simi Valley, spent their first day in the Washington doing “all the touristy things,” including driving around in search of the same locales shown in the Netflix series’ opening credits. All the while Getrost had no clue that the staff at the W Hotel’s P.O.V. roof lounge was setting a different scene back at the hotel: Champagne on ice, lit candles, rose petals.

Just before dinner he pulled out the ring, she said yes, and the restaurant went wild.

“I was 100 percent surprised,” said Getrost. And there was one more in store for both of them.

“As soon as my nerves settled a bit I finally looked around at the view and then I saw Kevin Spacey,” said Holbrook. Getrost added that earlier that day the couple kept joking, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we saw Kevin Spacey?”

Recognizing the great plot twist to their “how we got engaged” story, Holbrook approached Spacey just as the Emmy-nominated actor was leaving. Spacey said he had witnessed the whole thing and was more than happy to snap a photo. He even slipped into Underwood’s familiar southern drawl.

“We posted it on Facebook and Instagram and everybody was like so jealous,” joked Getrost.

When we asked if they planned a “House of Cards”-theme for their wedding next fall, Getrost laughed and said no. Then she added, “but if he wanted to officiate the wedding that would be awesome.”

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