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Michelle Obama is becoming a Solidcore regular

For the third time since February, Michelle Obama was spotted at the Solidcore workout studio in Adams Morgan.

On Sunday afternoon, a Reliable Source tipster spied two black SUVs parked outside the outpost on Columbia Road and two “burly men” keeping watch at the gym’s entrance (sometimes the Secret Service isn’t all that secretive). Our spy even managed to sneak a glimpse of Obama doing “some sort of bicep curls” inside.

Okay, so we know the first lady’s commitment to being “fifty and fabulous” isn’t exactly classified information. She single-handedly brought sleeveless back! Her regular fitness routine includes 90-minute workouts! Every day! She even vowed to “take a break” from french fries!

But how has Solidcore — the total body workout with frightening Yelp reviews like, “I had no idea I could be sore in those places” — managed to turn Obama into a MegaFormer reformer?

“We have a retention rate of over 75 percent,” said Solidcore’s owner, Anne Mahlum, who claimed coach-client privilege when asked specifically about Obama’s repeat cameos.

But Mahlum did have a theory about why her 50-minute classes have garnered such a devoted D.C. following since opening last fall.

Solidcore classes are the opposite of pretentious, explained Mahlum. Whether you’re a cable pundit or a nationally-recognized news anchor, the studio’s coaches will make you “get low in your lunges.” And, on the flip side, everyone gets a high five.

“There’s no preferred treatment,” said Mahlum. “That’s why people keep coming back. There’s this equalizer in the workout. This is a place where you come to work — a place where you’re honest with yourself and your capabilities.”

Sounds like Mahlum’s next studio (she’s opening four new locations by early 2015) should be on Capitol Hill.

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