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Chuck Schumer and his ‘Fam!,’ comedian Amy Schumer, bump into one another in New York

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), inextricably linked to the small screen because of his many appearances, bumped into a different kind of Hollywood connection on Sunday–his cousin, “Comedy Central” star Amy Schumer.

The two Schumers ran into one another at a performance of “King Lear” in Manhattan’s Central Park.

Schumer the comedian (that would be Amy) is the creator and star of “Inside Amy Schumer,” an Emmy-nominated sketch comedy series. Her dad, Gordon Schumer, is the senator’s cousin.  

“I highly doubt he has ever seen my act,” said Amy Schumer in a 2011 interview with LA Weekly about her first cousin once removed (that would be Chuck). But that might have changed. After the White House Correspondents Association dinner in May, the senator told New York Daily News that he planned to check out Ms. Schumer’s act, which can reportedly get a little raunchy.

Sunday’s run-in was both a Kodak moment and a clear reminder of the senator’s Hollywood swag.

It’s an oft-quoted truism that Schumer can’t seem to shake: The most dangerous place on Capitol Hill is between the career politician from Brooklyn and a camera. But the joke (entered into the legislative lexicon by former Sen. Bob Dole nearly two decades ago) clearly extends well beyond Sunday show cameos and cable news punditry.

In the past few years alone, Schumer has been named-dropped on the flossy teen soap opera “Gossip Girl” (the show’s heartthrob, Nate Archibald, almost scored an internship in the senator’s office) and his Capitol Hill group house inspired the satiric Amazon series “Alpha House.”

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