Vice President Biden released his inner fashionista on Thursday with this Throwback Thursday tweet suggesting that short-sleeved button down shirts are cool again. Mr. Vice President, we know you struck a chord in the fashion world with your aviators, but we had to check with the Post’s fashion critic, Robin Givhan, on the short-sleeved button downs.

“I’ll give the vice president some wiggle room here, but saying short-sleeve button downs are coming back is like saying golf shirts are back,” said Givhan. “They are neither in nor out. They just ‘are.’ But God bless him for his fashion jest.”

Of course, the tweet really wasn’t meant to land the veep a job at Vogue when his term’s up. It’s just another plug for the White House’s #Bornin88 campaign that encourages 26-year-olds getting dumped from their parent’s insurance plans this year to sign up for Obamacare. We wonder what Biden’s take is on what these Obama administration folks were wearing at 26?

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