The Africa summit is officially underway, which means one very important thing for the District: The first lady of Cameroon’s hair is here.

Chantal Biya has single-handedly made mullet the new magnificent. Biya’s bouffant is a beauty school master’s thesis in contradictions. Somehow her hair manages to be short and long, rebellious yet elegant, unruly but controlled.

And whether she’s visiting the pope or hanging out with Paris Hilton, the 43-year-old’s signature style remains unfazed. Here we humbly submit just a small sampling of the many coifs of Chantal. Washingtonians should expect to see each and every one around town this week.

1. Biya sports the I Woke Up Like This look as she steps off the plane at Andrews Air Force base with her husband, Cameroon’s president Paul Biya, on Saturday. 

2. Biya and the Official Business Bob while casting her vote in Cameroon’s 2011 presidential election. 

3. Nobody puts the Orange Pompadour in the corner. Not even Naomi Campbell. 

4. Michelle Obama’s bob meet Chantal Biya’s bobcat. 

5. The Holy Father himself isn’t safe. 

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