Tuesday night’s formal function at the White House might not have been a state dinner – that apex of entertaining at 1600
Pennsylvania Ave. that traditionally sends chefs and protocol experts and social secretaries into a tizzy of calligraphy and
honing of guest lists.

Yet the event – held in honor of more than 50 African-nation dignitaries and their spouses – was just as challenging to pull

The usual headaches of diplo power-dining were increased greatly: Seating charts accounted for regional tensions in Africa.
In advance, staffers identified the guests whose faith makes wine taboo. And which wife was the King of Swaziland bringing

The fete bore many of the hallmarks of a state dinner. There was an elegant menu and a famous entertainer (pop icon Lionel
Richie) and a white tent on the South Lawn.

But small touches, nearly imperceptible to anyone but protocol wonks, distinguished the event from a traditional state function:
Guests were greeted by Chief of Protocol Peter Selfridge, for example, rather than the president and the first lady. And most
of the men wore sharp suits or traditional garb instead of tuxedoes.

Unlike so many state dinners of late, there were few glitzy celebrity imports on the guest list – in part because the presidents
and their spouses alone made up a large chunk of the invitees.

So for a change, the foreign dignitaries were the stars. And they didn’t disappoint.

The guest arrivals turned the White House’s stately North Portico into a catwalk of sorts, with brightly colored gowns offering
a welcome change from the usual parade of safe black dresses. Chantal Biya, the dramatically coiffed first lady of Cameroon,
sported her signature crimson bouffant, which clashed merrily with a lollipop-pink ensemble.

(The King of Swaziland brought Inkhosikati LaMbikiza, his third wife, for the record.)

The evening was the centerpiece of this week’s summit of African leaders in Washington, a historic confab aimed at highlighting the possibilities of greater economic ties between the United States and the continent.

On Tuesday night, though, business talk was mostly put aside.

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