Kevin Spacey in a scene from Netflix’s “House of Cards.” *(Melinda Sue Gordon/Netflix)

Sick of motorcades and massive security entourages clogging up the streets this week (and, okay, protecting the dozens of African heads of state in town for the White House summit)?

Brace yourself for at least one more rolling detail before Washington shuts down for the August doldrums — but at least this one will be fake. “House of Cards” is filming around the Mall on Saturday, according to the D.C. film office. Doesn’t sound like an actor-heavy production: the crews will be “shooting ‘drive-bys’, b-roll, and a mock-motorcade scene,” between noon and 10 p.m., the notice says. 

The faux element is crucial here. Since last summer, the hot Netflix show (which shoots almost all its other scenes in Baltimore and environs) tried to shoot a motorcade scene on D.C. streets, only to have the D.C. police pull the plug at the last minute. DCist recaps the back and forth.

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