First lady Michelle Obama does not care what you had for lunch. (Cliff Owen/Associated Press)

Hey you, you  Instagram junkie snapping a picture of that artisan cheeseburger and arranging those duck-fat fries just so  —  Michelle Obama does not approve!

The first lady on Wednesday revealed her disdain for people showing off their meals on social media (a position shared by many a restaurateur and chef, some of whom have banned food selfies from their establishments), explaining that she has urged her daughters to eschew snapping mundane munchie pics and instead try to capture more meaningful ones.

“No one really cares what you had for lunch,” Obama noted at a symposium Wednesday for the spouses of African leaders attending a White House summit, where she and former first lady Laura Bush also talked about far weightier matters.

Though it seems that Obama, who advocates health eating, actually does care what you had for lunch. But not enough to “like” your latest update.