As summer draws to a close this Labor Day weekend, so does former first daughter and mommy-to-be Chelsea Clinton’s job as a special correspondent for NBC News. After barely three years in the role — if you blinked kind of slowly you could have missed it — Clinton, 34, sang her swan song via People on Friday.

Why the fast exit? She told People in a statement that she wishes “to continue focusing on my work at the Clinton Foundation and as Marc and I look forward to welcoming our first child.”

Clinton’s journalism career, which consisted mostly of covering heartwarming stories, may have been brief, and some would argue lackluster — but it certainly was lucrative. Even as a broadcast dilettante, she earned big bucks at $600,000 a year, according to Politico.

Her parting with NBC appears to be harmonious, leaving open the possibility of a reunion somewhere down the road. “While my role with NBC News may be coming to an end, I look forward to working with the NBC family well into the future,” Clinton said in a Facebook post.

Let’s shed a tear and remember Clinton’s three biggest NBC moments:

1. This is the first time we had a chance to lay eyes on Clinton on NBC’s “Rock Center with Brian Williams.” Watch from 25:51 to see her “Making a Difference” segment about a nonprofit in her hometown of Arkansas.

2. Remember the time she interviewed Geico’s Gecko on his new book, “You’re Only Human” and the embarrassing high school year book photo for “Rock Center with Brian Williams”? While she wasn’t seen on camera, it was still quite the CGI feat. WATCH:

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3. In one final interview to remember her by (aired Aug. 1),watch Clinton report on actor Jeff Bridges’s Share Our Strength, a nonprofit that provides meals to children during the summer months.