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The ultimate wedding status symbol: POTUS in the house

Forget designer gowns, fancy ice sculptures or artisanally crafted favors — the biggest status symbol in all of wedding-dom has to be having the commander-in-chief as a guest at one’s nuptials.

President Obama and his family aren’t exactly regulars on the rice-and-cake circuit — and in case you hadn’t heard, there are a few pressing issues around the globe that also might be taking up their time — so the family’s attendance at the New York wedding of chef Sam Kass and MSNBC host Alex Wagner on Saturday night is a capital-B Big Deal.

Chalk up that rare invite acceptance to the close and personal bond that Kass, the family’s longtime personal chef, who’s now an adviser to the president and the head of the first lady’s “Let’s Move!” campaign, shares with the First Family.

How many weddings has the president attended? Not many. Obama confessed he wasn’t invited to the 2010 wedding of former first daughter Chelsea Clinton, and he reportedly turned down an invite to the glitziest wedding of this year — that of reality TV star Kim Kardashian to musician Kanye West. (He did, however, attend official White House photographer Pete Souza’s Rose Garden wedding, so he’s not entirely a wedding no-show.)

And we’re willing to chalk up the Obamas’ eyebrow-raising attire (they were spotted boarding Marine One earlier in the evening in all-black) to a conscious fashion choice and not just an unfamiliarity with that fusty old rule banning wedding guests from wearing somber black.

Let’s hope his chicken dance skills aren’t too rusty.

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