Miss California Marina Inserra and Miss Louisiana Lacey Sanchez with the Titanic. (Photo by Photos by Fredde Lieberman.)

Hey, isn’t that…. Dozens of Miss America contestants, dining on Monday night at Carmine’s downtown? Dead giveaways: those tiaras and sashes.

The flock of leggy ladies enjoyed the kind of no-carb nosh you might expect from women about to don swimsuits in front of a national television audience during this week’s pageant (salmon, roasted veggies, etc.). But their willpower apparently didn’t last long. For dessert, the restaurant served the party its signature “Titanic,” a monster confection consisting of eight scoops of ice cream over a chocolate torte covered in a snow drift of whipped cream.

We’re told the group, in town for some policy events before heading north to Atlantic City, had no trouble putting the dessert away — and also “annihilated” three monster banana splits.

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