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Pitt and wife, Angelina Jolie. EPA/DANIEL DEME

Movie-star looks are a plus for any political candidate. But Stewart Mills, the Republican hoping to unseat Rep. Rick Nolan in Minnesota’s 8th congressional district, has been tagged with a far more specific moniker: “Brad Pitt lookalike.”

The label tying the GOP wannabe with one of America’s hunkiest leading men might have its origins in a piece last year in which Nathan Gonzales of the political-handicapping bible, The Rothenberg Report, quoted a Democratic source saying that Mills exuded a “Brad Pitt kind of appeal.” The comparison took off from there, with Politico in June swooning over the candidate’s “jaw-length blond locks and muscular physique” and local and national outlets picking up on the Pitt-Mills likeness. 

But are they really doppelgangers? Of course, there’s Mill’s oft-cited mane, worn center-parted and tucked behind his ears, which does call to mind some of the star’s early 2000’s looks (think “Troy”), as well as some of Pitt’s shaggier recent do’s. Beyond that, how much do the two men have in common? We’ve assembled a handy field guide.


Pitt: Was People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in both 1995 and 2000.

Mills: National Journal just profiled Mills under the headline “The Most Interesting Candidate of the Year.”


Pitt: Whether sporting a tuxedo on the red carpet in Cannes or  for date night at Nobu, Pitt is known for his sharp tailoring, top-flight designers, and monochromatic ensembles. Leather jackets are go-tos.

Mills: Favors khakis and colorful button-down shirts (with buttoned collars!) that exude a vibe that’s more J.C. Penney than, say, Prada. His wardrobe of outerwear includes a jaunty blaze-orange number for the requisite  political-ad images of him hunting, plus a few rugged barn jackets and the occasional fleece.

Family man

Pitt: The father of six recently married actress Angelina Jolie, after nearly a decade of wedding rumors, at the couple’s sprawling estate in France.

Mills: He and his wife, Heather, were married in 2005 in a ceremony completely uninteresting to paparazzi. They have five kids.

Acting experience

Pitt: He’s won a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild award, and has been nominated for an Oscar three times.

Mills: Mills, who is the vice-president of his family’s Mills Fleet Farms, first attracted attention for a YouTube video of himself reading aloud a letter to Minnesota’s congressional delegation on gun rights (see the video below).  It wasn’t the most polished of performances, but the clip got hundreds of thousands of views and helped launch his candidacy.

Political experience

Pitt: None

Mills: None

Perhaps we should let the final word go to Mills’ wife, Heather. “She isn’t buying into it,” a spokeswoman says.

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