Monday night’s “Jeopardy!” winner, a Washington, D.C., business research librarian named Elizabeth Williams, didn’t just walk away as the reigning champion (and $12,800 richer) — she also had a fascinating reaction to the reappearance, after 13 years, of host Alex Trebek’s mustache.

During the unofficial “fun facts about me” chatter portion of the show, Williams revealed that she has “ordinal linguistic personification,” which means that she imagines numbers as having distinct personalities. In her mind, six, for example, is mischievous. And when Williams pictures the number nine, she says, it has a mustache.

Just like Alex’s, she said.

Ahead of the Monday-night season premier, “Jeopardy!” had been celebrating the return of Trebek’s lip-tickler after its decade-plus absence, heralding it on the show’s Web site and even assigning the fuzz its own Twitter handle. Trebek himself announced during the program that whether he keeps it will be up to the viewers’ reaction.

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