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Kirsten Gillibrand and Connie Britton’s fabulous 80’s looks #TBT

(Photo courtesy of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.)

Before they were a senator and an Emmy-nominated actress, respectively, Kirsten Gillibrand and Connie Britton were roommates during  a summer study abroad program in Beijing.

The Dartmouth undergrads make an appearance in the photo section of Gillibrand’s new memoir “Off the Sidelines,” alongside other family pictures, in a snapshot that captures their innocent smiles — and some pretty great 1980’s styles. Gillibrand is wearing what appears to be a wide headband or a kerchief, while Britton is rocking dangly earrings and a feathered helmet-head ‘do that was quite fashionable at the time.

The two would go on to stellar careers, and each has publicly spoken fondly of the other. Britton, in a HuffPost Live interview, said her roomie was “fearless” even as an undergraduate. Gillibrand, in a separate HuffPo interview, recalled that the pair’s summer in China included a dramatic bout with food poisoning. The New York Democrat also praised Britton’s determination to take on roles that could be role models. “Every script she’d get, she’d push back on it, push back on it and make this character into this amazing mom who really made a difference in her community,” Gillibrand said.

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