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Valerie Jarrett has cameo on ‘The Good Wife’

White House adviser Valerie Jarrett appeared on the CBS drama “The Good Wife.” REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
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It’s no surprise to see a White House official appear on one of “the Sunday shows,” a phrase that in Washington parlance means one of the talkathon morning programs where the subject is likely to be Syria or the midterm elections. But Valerie Jarrett, one of President Obama’s top advisers, made an appearance on another kind of Sunday show — the prime-time drama “The Good Wife,” which trucks in steamy affairs, dirty politics, and courtroom fireworks.

Playing herself, Jarrett appeared in several scenes trying to convince the show’s main character, a Chicago lawyer named Alicia Florrick who also happens to be married to the governor, to run for state’s attorney. Alicia, who’s been battered by the political life and the scrutiny that comes with it, is insisting that she won’t run (she will), and Jarrett makes the case. More women, she says, need “to step up” if they want to change the world.

Alicia insists that she detests politics, and Jarrett agrees with her, saying she wouldn’t want a candidate who liked it. “We need leaders who understand what it means to be a public servant,” she says.

So it was an on-message foray into scripted drama for Jarrett. And she’s not the first real-life politico to appear on the CBS drama. Donna Brazile has been on the show, too.

Our colleague Emily Yahr has the full recap of the episode here.

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