Last season’s “Bachelor” and a finalist. (ABC/Rick Rowell)

Washingtonians might see a familiar face among the ladies vying to be the last rose-clutching lady standing in Season 19 of “The Bachelor,” the ABC show in which an eligible man winnows down a pool of women to one to be his wife.  

Though the show hasn’t released the cast list for the latest installment set to air early next year, sources say it includes Jillian Anderson, a 25-year-old Redskinette who until last month worked on the assignment desk at FOX News’s D.C. Bureau. 

Anderson is not currently listed on the roster for the Redskins cheerleaders, so it may be that she’s left or gone on leave to begin filming the reality show in L.A. A Redskins rep didn’t immediately return our calls.

Her apparent right-leaning politics could prove to be a big asset in her attempts to land the season’s titular bachelor. Chris Soules, the hunky Iowa farmer who’s the show’s big prize, has been known to hobnob with prominent GOP pols, including at this photo op with Texas Gov. Rick Perry at the Iowa State Fair (Soules was judging a barbecue contest; Perry was making the rounds in the early-caucus state like a potential presidential contender).

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