Hey, isn’t that …  A-list actor Brad Pitt, doing the classic movie star thing on the evening of the premiere of his new war flick “Fury” at the Newseum: surf-and-turf with his agent at The Palm.

Brad Pitt poses with a group of soldiers during a reception after the Washington premiere of “Fury” at the Newseum on Wednesday. (Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Pitt sat with his agent, Bryan Lourd, at one of the “power booths” (but really, is there anything else at the Dupont Circle steakhouse?) and ordered shrimp cocktail and a New York strip. No paparazzi, please — the low-key duo asked that no pics be snapped.

The Pitt-Palm connection is that Lourd’s partner is Bruce Bozzi Jr., a fourth-generation member of the Bozzi family that co-founded the restaurant.



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