Could this have happened 20 years ago? 10?  5?

A real-live red carpet (not one of those maroon welcome mats) featuring actual movie stars (Hey Brad!) and Washington A-listers schmoozing easily, as if this type of thing happens everyday. Nothing to see here, folks, we’re just being fabulous in front of flashbulbs and the first lady is nowhere in sight. 

That was scene last week at the D.C. premiere (we have those now) of Brad Pitt’s World War II drama, “Fury.” The event was about as high-wattage as Washington gets thanks in equal parts to the celebrity line-up — Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman — and the District’s new-ish Hollywood-approved venue: the Newseum.

“The Newseum does feel rather hot these days,” said Jodi Moraru, owner of Evoke, a full-service event design firm based in Washington.

The six-year-old venue, explained Moraru, currently sits atop a rarefied field of one-stop shops. Close to the White House? Check. Catering? Chef Scott Drewno at The Source has you covered. Oh, and there’s actually a big screen. The Walter and Leonore Annenberg Theater seats 450.

There, of course, are other Washington go-tos for the glitzy events usually held at Los Angeles’s TCL Chinese and New York’s Ziegfeld. The Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium, the National Building Museum and the Washington Hilton come White House Correspondents’ season have all had their red carpet moments, but none, recently, as frequent as the Newseum. Robert Redford, Reese Witherspoon and Rosario Dawson have all been.

“There’s really no one place like it in D.C.” said Philip Dufour, president of Dufour and Company Productions, which managed the screenings for TNT’s “Last Ship” and Amazon’s “Alpha House.”

“There weren’t a ton of premieres here 20 years ago,” said Dufour, adding that studio publicity departments are finally getting wind of the fact that Washington is actually a “super important city” and not just a hokey little town.

Pam Galloway-Tabb, senior vice president of special services at the Newseum, agreed. She said “Hollywood folks” were starting to take notice. “With us being right on Pennsylvania Avenue, it’s a statement.”

There’s another “big one” coming up in December, said Galloway-Tabb. But she couldn’t offer up more details about this latest hush-hush premiere. Our guess is Reese Witherspoon’s earnest and Oscar buzzy “Wild.” Or, if we’re sticking to Washington themes, maybe Seth Rogen and James Franco’s bro comedy “The Interview,” about bumbling  journalists tasked by the CIA to take on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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