Well that escalated quickly.

The next time you decide to tweet a seasonal (and teeny bit sexist) punchline at a former secretary of state, just… don’t. Especially if the woman in question is one Madeleine Albright, who recently put Conan O’Brien (nay, the world) on notice: Don’t come for me, boo.

It all started rather innocently. O’Brien, host of “Conan” on TBS, tweeted Thursday that he’d finally figured out what he was going to be for Halloween. Things went downhill from there.

Instead of ignoring O’Brien and giving her Presidential Medal of Freedom its daily spit shine, Albright shot back with a perfectly executed burn of her own.

And…. boom goes the dynamite.

Fortunately for us, the lesson didn’t stop there. Albright, who has more than 70,000 followers on Twitter (O’Brien has 12.5 million), schooled the talk show host about her mettle.

And the comedian capitulated.