Meghan McCain, whose dad, John McCain, you may remember from such national near misses as the 2008 presidential election, isn’t what you think she is. There’s a running myth — a joke really — that the young blond is just riding out her 15 minutes of fame as the blond Republican with a famous last name. We’d assume the same if McCain hadn’t told us what a goal would be if she was the supreme ruler of the universe: “Less old white men ruling everything in the media.”

The author and TV show host, who sat down with us just a few days shy of her 30th birthday, paints a much more interesting picture of herself than the rest of us do. McCain loves pencil skirts and is self-proclaimed redneck (Okay, we admit that’s hard to believe with a family beer fortune, but, then again, it is beer). McCain watches Fox News every morning but has a major crush on CNN’s Jake Tapper, who she’s known since she “was like 12.” But that’s not weird or anything.

After spending a morning over mimosas (we never took a sip), we learned a lot about McCain, namely our new favorite mantra: “I get what I want or I walk.”

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