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My Favorite Spot: Ivanka Trump’s got a couple in the District

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A few months ago a reader sent us a tip from Union Station. Spotted! Ivanka Trump! The modelesque scion of mega rich businessman Donald Trump! At — drum roll, please — Au Bon Pain. So there’s one mystery solved. The impossibly gorgeous mother of two does, in fact, consume carbs. But Au Bon Pain? Really? We figured the one-time Georgetown student has a list of tonier to-go spots around town. Turns out she does — or did.

“One of my favorite, favorite spots actually doesn’t exist anymore,” said Trump. “Georgetown Bagels. I absolutely loved it there. They had some of the greatest pizza bagels I’d ever had, and this is coming from a New Yorker.”

But wait. There’s more. The 33-year-old also loves chef Jose Andres. “A genius,” she called him. His Mediterranean tapas resto Zaytinya is a favorite. Then again “nothing tops” the National Gallery of Art. Yet another favorite.

And if we’re talking the perfect day in Washington, Trump said it would have to begin and end on the observation deck of the Old Post Office building (currently being transformed into a luxury hotel by Trump International Realty) “because there are no views better in D.C.” Like father like daughter. But if she had to choose (and she has to), Trump picked a quiet garden in Georgetown. Go figure.

Spot: Dumbarton Oaks, 1703 32nd St., NW

How She Found It: I use to have a beautiful white lab [named Tyler] while I was at Georgetown. I used to take him on long walks there.

Why She Loves It: A place that I love and I find so peaceful and beautiful and just a great place to spend time. It’s very charming, and there’s an amazing art collection. But one of my favorite aspects of it is just walking through the gardens with the stream and the trees. Because it’s not so sort of top-of-the-list for people visiting D.C., it’s got a sort of calm to it.

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