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Bill Clinton makes big Hillary announcement on ‘Ellen’

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Former president Bill Clinton offered a bombshell revelation about his wife during an appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” on Tuesday.

Host Ellen Degeneres seemed to surprise the ex-prez by starting out a segment with an attempt to set up a big reveal. “I understand you have a big announcement about your wife,” she began.

Clinton smiled at the comedian’s ambush attempt, but he recovered with a laugh line: “she’s the happiest grandmother in the world,” he replied.

Clinton called his wife “a doting, giddy” grandmother, and called watching 6-week old Charlotte, the couple’s first grandchild, the daughter of Chelsea Clinton and husband Marc Mezvinsky “a hoot.”

Degeneres later tried to pry the will-she-or-won’t-she news out of Clinton by offering one of two baby onesies for him to pick for his granddaughter. One read “MY GRANDMA’S RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2016” and the other, “MY GRANDMA’S A STAY-AT-HOME GRANNY.”

“If I pick that one,” he said, pointing to the presidential announcement, “it would be best for the country.”

“Keep them both and give one to her when she decides,” he added.

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