Bad Gal Ri Ri canceled on us this week. Or, perhaps more accurately, her people did.

We were tentatively scheduled to meet up with the Barbadian-born pop star, who is in town to perform at the celebrity-packed “Concert for Valor” Tuesday on the National Mall, and hopefully divine the secrets of her magical self-confidence (Hello, naked dress).

But instead of a confirmation,we got the brush off. Rihanna, we were told, wanted to keep her visit relatively media-free. Such is the prerogative of a woman who shed the pop princess label five albums ago and whose Twitter feed reads like a doctoral dissertation on not giving a damn. We just wished we had gone for a late lunch over by the White House on Monday because Ri Ri happened.

“CYRUS!!! LET ME IN!!” #DayAtTheWhiteHouse

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West Wing Posse!! We wanna be O.P.A. so bad!!! #DayAtTheWhiteHouse

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The new America!!! #islandtingz #DayAtTheWhiteHouse

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