(Images courtesy of Rep. Loretta Sanchez)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … when Rep. Loretta Sanchez debuts her wacky holiday card, an annual tradition with cult status in the world of politics.

This year, the California Democrat’s Yuletide missive features a baseball theme, with Sanchez and husband Jack Einwechter wearing Anaheim Angels shirts and posing in the team’s ballpark. “She’s always an angel in Congress,” it reads.

Sanchez tells us she chose the motif in honor of her home team’s winning season — and to highlight attractions in her district. “Plus, I look great in red,” she says.

Half a million cards (sent, she notes, from her campaign, so there are no taxpayer dollars involved) will go out to constituents and friends the old-fashioned way.

Of course, the congresswoman’s late cat and longtime holiday-card co-star, Gretzky, makes a cameo, too. His image appears on a baseball card, a miniature “Hillary 2016” helmet photoshopped atop his head. We had to ask — will she ever adopt a new cat to replace Gretzky, who died in 2010? “Well, I just got a new husband, and I have to train him  first,” she joked (she and Einwechter wed in 2011).

The 2014 installment card falls somewhere in the middle of the Sanchez-card-quirkiness range — there’s the congresswoman’s pinup-worthy pose (which looks like she just stuck a perfect Elle Woods “bend and snap” move), but no motorcycles, leather pants, and surfing get-ups that have graced previous years’ cards.

See a gallery of the Sanchez cards through the years:

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