DJ Joe Jonas, everybody #heyrs

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What do you do when you’re the only brother in a famous sibling trio who doesn’t have an obvious calling? Nick Jonas is the actor; Kevin Jonas has the E! reality show. So Joe Jonas became the DJ.

DJing is a relatively new venture for Jonas, who took the stage to spin tunes at the 9:30 Club on Thursday night for the RIAA/Pandora holiday party benefiting the Musicians on Call charity. No sign of any of that Jonas Brothers charisma that made him and his two siblings so incredibly famous in their Disney Channel days.

Jonas, 25, politely smiled and nodded at a few who shrieked and snapped photos, but he primarily concentrated on his laptop, bouncing to the beat with his headphones on. Still, he did gamely put on a light-up red-and-green necklace that one fan tossed him.

So, what music does a JoBro enjoy?

If his playlist is any indication, lots of Top 40 and some Destiny’s Child with a dash of Kanye West. “Blurred Lines” and a remix of “Don’t Stop Believin'” got the low-key gathering dancing a bit. Mostly, the several hundred in the crowd (a mix of tech policy folks, Hill staffers and people from Pandora/RIAA) didn’t realize they had a celebrity in their midst.

More DJ Joe Jonas – featuring songs by Kanye #heyrs

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“That’s Joe Jonas?” was a common reaction heard around the venue, though many admitted that once they heard the name, they knew exactly who he was.

It was still very much a D.C. audience — when headliner/Nashville star Kip Moore took the stage, he injected a shot of energy while acknowledging he didn’t expect too many people to know him. He still got quite a bit of screams from the crowd, and plenty knew all the words to his hit “Somethin’ Bout a Truck.”

As Moore and a large group around the stage rocked out during his hour-long set (with songs from “Beer Money” to “Dirt Road” to “Hey Pretty Girl”), there was still some excited rumbling when someone glanced at their phone and saw the House passed the spending bill. Again — a very D.C. crowd.

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