Aside from the very serious and important diplomatic implications, the announcement Wednesday that the United States will ease travel restrictions to the island nation means another very important thing: Jay Z and Beyoncé are probably the last celebs to appear tre chic by making a surprise cameo in Cuba.

More than a year and a half after the hip-hop power couple’s controversial visit to Cuba in April 2013, President Obama announced huge changes to U.S.-Cuba relations. Take away the taboo factor — now businesses, baseball teams, humanitarian groups and families with Cuban relatives can go — and the cool quotient goes out the window too. At some point in the future, your high school history teacher can head to Old Havana just like Hova! Okay probably not, but…

Here’s a look back at the exhaustively chronicled  international incident the Carters caused during their three-day trip to Cuba, which, by the way, was approved by the Treasury Department.

1. Jay Z serving golf dad realness as he and Bey exit La Guarida restaurant in Havana.

2. Proof that tiny schoolchildren make the best accessories — especially when it becomes increasingly clear that Bey only packed one pair of earrings.

3. See?

4. Further proof that Jay Z’s suitcase got lost at the airport, and he was forced to borrow clothes from Homer Simpson. 

5. Again with those earrings.

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