So, just who is this Rep. Blake Farenthold, the Texas Republican who’s been accused by a staffer he fired of creating a hostile work environment? In her lawsuit, the former aide claimed Farenthold “regularly drank to excess” and told a co-worker he’d had “sexual fantasies” about her.

CV: He was an attorney and owned a computer consulting and web design firm before being elected in 2010. Now he’s in Congress, where he chairs the subcommittee that oversees the Postal Service. He won re-election for  second time this year, defeating Democratic challenger Wesley Reed — a feat made easier by GOP redistricting that made his seat safer for Republicans — though he was a finalist in comedian Bill Maher’s “Flip a District” campaign.

Legislative accomplishments: Farenthold sponsored six bills in 2013, according to his last report card from Govtrack, which tallies congressional stats. He attracted only four co-sponsors for them, putting him in last place (out of 435) in that category. But! he did have perfect attendance.

In the news: Farethold most recently garnered attention when Buzfeed reported this week that he was the owner of the naughty-sounding domain name, which his spokesman said was a result of routine buying of names when he was a computer consultant. When he first ran for Congress, photos surfaced of Farenthold wearing duck-printed pajamas and posing with scantily clad lingerie models.

The suit: The lawsuit alleges that the Texas Republican’s staffers joked that they needed to go on “red head patrol” to make sure the boss behaved himself when he drank heavily at “Capitol Hill functions.” Farenthold was “awkward” around her, the aide, Lauren Greene, says, and ” regularly made comments designed to gauge whether [she] was interested in a sexual relationship.”

A spokesman emailed a statement to our In the Loop colleagues saying that “the Congressman and the members of his staff who are included in this complaint have a very different view of the allegations than Ms. Greene.”

Bonus drama: Politico reports that Farenthold hired veteran GOP mouthpiece Kurt Bardella to handle the fallout from the lawsuit. Hey, we’ve heard that name before! Bardella is the House staffer fired for leaking emails to NYT’s Mark Leibovitch, as he was writing “This Town,” his send-up of official Washington.

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