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From Michelin stars to Teslas, what Washington VIPs want for Christmas


Wish you could get a peek at the “Dear Santa” letters Washington’s boldfacers are stuffing into their mailboxes (or more likely, having their assistants text to the North Pole)?

Let’s see, someone named Sheryl Crow wants a Notorious RBG T-shirt, a guy who only signed his name as “B.O.” wants a peaceful family vacation in Hawaii … okay, okay, those were just guesses. But we did survey a handful of the city’s big names to see what they’re actually hoping to find under the tree  Christmas morning.

And just because we know that given just one ask, they’d all wish for world peace (zzz…) we asked them for two things on their list — one altruistic, one material. Here’s what they had to say (cc-ing Santa):

Gérard Araud, the French Ambassador to the United States 
“I hope that 2015 will pave the way to a successful and global agreement at the Paris conference on climate change in December. The future of our planet is at stake,” said the ambassador, striking a very serious tone. But on a more personal note: “I look forward to coming back in a few weeks to the French Residence in Kalorama, after its renovation, where I’ll be happy to welcome Washingtonians.”

Ed Henry, FOX News Channel’s Chief White House Correspondent 

“What I want for Christmas is for [White House press secretary] Josh Earnest to no longer refer my questions to the State Department — and, wait, the IRS … No seriously, wishing Josh well this Christmas!” said Henry. And for his product? “Tesla. A sweet ride, good for the environment.”

Deborah Rutter, Kennedy Center president

“An arts education to be included in every child’s school day,” said Rutter, who would also love “a day at the spa with my daughter.”

Chris Pontius, DC United midfielder

“You know how they say that as you get older the things that mean more to you are not necessarily the more expensive things? For the past few years my parents have framed my clutch jersey in the national championship game and my first ever pro jersey,” said Pontius. “So I hope they surprise me with something else meaningful.”

But the soccer star is “getting into golf.” So he did ask for one thing: “Basically it tells your distance from the pin, I think it’s called a range finder.”

Debbie Dingell, incoming Democratic congresswoman from Michigan

“I want good health for everyone in the New Year,” said Dingell, who’s hoping for a swift recovery for her husband, retiring Rep. John Dingell, after he fractured his hip  this month. Pressed for something that comes in a box, she confessed to having a Michigan-crafted item on her wish list: “A Shinola watch!”

Daniel Savetta, Washington Ballet company dancer 

“I have a lot of family members in Australia and it would be a dream to have some family members travel over to see me perform in The Washington Ballet’s world premiere of Septime Webre’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’ in February,” said Savetta.

And for a stocking stuff the dancer fancies, “a trip to Croatia or Italy. Trips like that put a lot of things into perspective. A nice sheer wool scarf couldn’t hurt either.”

Patrick O’Connell, chef and owner, Inn at Little Washington

“It would make me very happy if the Guide Michelin finally decided to rate the restaurants of Washington, D.C.,” said O’Connell.

Maha Sharma, owner of Blo Dupont, Washington D.C.

“The holidays are about spending time with family, and my Frenchie Henry is like a son to me,” said Sharma. “I’m a big fan of the Washington Humane Society’s annual Fashion For Paws event, but I’d like to keep partnering with them to help raise funds and provide homes for abused animals.”

But if she had to choose a bucket list Christmas gift, Sharma said, “I’ve always wanted to go skydiving, and I hear the best place to go is in Sydney, Australia. The thrill of jumping out of a plane and losing control would be a the kind of Christmas gift I’d remember for a lifetime.”

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