As far as we can tell, Bradley Cooper has on underwear. This is important.

The last time we saw the actor in Washington, he was at the French state dinner last February in a tux so “crazy town tight” that Cooper had to “go commando because because there was no room at all.” At least that’s what he told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Back then Cooper had just put on 15 of the 30 pounds he gained to portray Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in the film “American Sniper.” On Tuesday, the film had its D.C. premiere at the U.S. Navy Memorial’s Burke Theatre.

On a “crazy town tight” red carpet overloaded with media outlets from Stars and Sripes to People, Cooper talked about his acting process (“It’s in the doing”) and why he’s thankful the film, which toggles between Kyle’s multiple tours in Iraq and his civilian life at home in Texas, screened in Washington.

“This is the center of where a lot of things are created that could affect a lot of people in this country,” said Cooper, when asked about the importance of showing the movie in D.C. His point was possibly proven a few minutes later when Secret Service agents made way for Vice President Biden and his wife, Jill.

Before he disappeared into the throng, we asked Cooper, a Georgetown grad, what’s the first thing he does when he visits his old stomping grounds.

“I just sort of suit up and walk around and ride a bike around the whole city.” No hiding in the hotel for this guy. And that point was proven later too. Cooper was spotted having dinner at Cafe Milano after the screening.

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